Statewide Stewardship Summit

Western Slope Now
July 25th, 2017

Growing Use on Public Lands Brings Outdoor Groups Together for Summit
With a growing population and an increased use of public lands in Colorado, a meeting was held today in Grand Junction with many agencies on how to best protect the outdoors. 
A new statewide stewardship initiative was launched in an effort to increase the number, impact, and diversity of volunteer led land stewardship efforts. 
The goal of the summit was to create a best practices guide, and also to discuss how land managers can work better with stewardship programs. 
“We need to take care of the places we enjoy, so that’s what we're trying to do today, to help make that system and process much more effective to accommodate this increased demand,” said Stacy Beaugh, Executive Director with the Tamarisk Coalition.  
More than 35 outdoor organizations were at the summit, as well as many western slope organizations.

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