Tamarisk Coalition Changes Name to RiversEdge West

RiversEdge West
May 7th, 2018
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 Cara Kukuraitis
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Local River Restoration Non-Profit Changes Name
Tamarisk Coalition (now RiversEdge West) was first conceptualized in 1999 when a small group of individuals from Mesa County and the Colorado Riverfront Commission convened to discuss strategies for addressing invasive plant species, specifically tamarisk, a non-native plant that can degrade riparian (riverside) habitats along rivers in western Colorado. The group aptly named itself Tamarisk Coalition and achieved legal status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in May 2002.   
Over the past two decades, however, the Coalition’s work and influence broadened geographically and expanded topically in response to the unique challenges faced in arid riparian areas and the communities that manage them.  This growth was propelled by a desire to make a landscape-scale impact that included all areas afflicted by invasive riverside plants in the western United States, rather than the more conventional site-by-site approach. The organization now maintains partnerships with numerous federal, state, and community organizations throughout the American West and addresses the management of many other invasive riverside plants, challenges associated with climate change and habitat fragmentation, and myriad issues on behalf of riparian areas and restoration professionals. 
It was for these reasons that Tamarisk Coalition decided it was time to adopt a new name that better reflected the organization’s values and the evolution and expansion of its efforts to restore habitat along the river’s edge.  In March 2018, Tamarisk Coalition took the leap and changed its name to RiversEdge West. RiversEdge” signifies where the group focuses its work - along the river’s edge - and “West” refers to its geographic focus of the Western U.S.
While the group’s name has changed to RiversEdge West, its programs and mission remain consistent.  The biggest change to note is their new web address: riversedgewest.org.  To learn more about Riversedge West, visit their website, or consider joining them for their annual Raft the River event on August 25, 2018. The 90-minute trip puts in at Rim Rock Adventures in Fruita and takes out in Loma and includes music, expert speakers, dinner, and beer donated by Fruita’s Copper Club Brewing Company. All proceeds go toward continued river restoration programs.

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