A Tour of Wildfire in the Grand Valley

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September 2nd, 2019
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A Tour of Wildfire in the Grand Valley
The Two Rivers Wildfire Coalition is hosting a series of field tours on September 5th that the media is welcome to attend. Time and meeting locations are provided below and in the attached flyer.  
The Two Rivers Wildfire Coalition is a collaborative effort to reduce wildfire risk through education, communication, and public awareness, to protect our communities and natural resources. The field tours will provide an opportunity to understand what problems the Wildfire Council is looking to address.
The field trips will tour the following sites: post-fire (Connected Lakes), pre-mitigation (Riverfront Trail at 29 Rd.), and post-mitigation (Riverfront Trail at 29 Rd.). The press is welcome at one event, the other, or both as your time allows; there is good education to be had at each. The tours will be given by Pete Firmin (Colorado Parks and Wildlife), and Rica Futon (RiversEdge West), who will discuss topics surrounding wildfire mitigation and invasive plant management.  
From 10 – 10:45 am, meeting at the Connected Lakes Dukes parking lot, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will offer a tour of the recently burned Connected Lakes area to discuss damage, fire behavior, defensible places on private property. Defensible space includes removing items that may burn from around homes in order to help firefighters extinguish wildland fires before they reach nearby residential areas.
From 11 – 11:45 am, starting at 346 29 Rd., RiversEdge West will tour a completed mitigation project and discuss timelines, funding, required resources, and benefits to the natural environment. Colorado Parks and Wildlife will conclude with a tour of a site still in need of mitigation, discussing vegetation density and the scope of the project needing to be completed.

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