Rica Fulton

Rica is from southwest Colorado and grew up rafting desert rivers and exploring canyons, which inspired a career of river stewardship. She decided to stay in the Four-Corners region, earning her Bachelors in Environmental Studies and Geographic Information Systems at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. During her time at Fort Lewis, Rica worked with Mountain Studies Institute and the BLM on local climate change curriculum, riparian assessments, and other watershed monitoring initiatives.
Following graduation, Rica moved to Portland, Oregon to work for a Geospatial Firm, Quantum Spatial, as a Remote Sensing Analyst and subsequently as an Associate Team Lead. This work was predominantly for utility companies, providing detailed vegetation classification and analysis. Her time at Quantum Spatial provided her strong technical abilities in LiDAR and GIS, leadership skills, as well as detailed project management experience.
A perpetual love for the Colorado River Basin inspired her to pursue a Masters Degree at the University of Wyoming in Geography, Water Resources, and Environment and Natural Resources; graduating in May of 2019. Her thesis research identifies policy drivers to watershed collaboration and illuminates stakeholder dynamics in the Dolores River Basin. The research goes on to recommend elements for successful collaborative processes in a manner that comprehensively incorporates all water users and ecological needs of the lower Dolores River as a part of the greater Colorado River Basin. 
Rica is looking forward to utilizing her interdisciplinary skills as the Restoration Coordinator for the Dolores River Restoration Partnership and the Desert Rivers Collaborative with RiversEdge West.      
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