Wet Meadow & Riparian Restoration Workshop

Zeedyk Ecological Consulting, LLC, BIO-Logic Inc, and The Nature Conservancy of Colorado
August 22nd, 2018 to August 23rd, 2018
Grand Junction, CO
Learn to Design and Implement Wet Meadow/Riparian Restoration Projects with Bill Zeedyk of Zeedyk Ecological Consulting LLC, Shawn Conner of BIO-Logic Inc, and Teresa Chapman of The Nature Conservancy of Colorado
Riparian and mesic ecosystems are uncommon and frequently degraded in the arid Western North America. Restoration of these areas improves wildlife habitat, vegetation production and diversity, and ecosystem resilience to drought. Based on their years of riparian and wet meadow restoration and examples of successful projects in the Gunnison Basin, the experts will walk attendees through the site selection and evaluation process, development of restoration plans and designs, and the logistics to efficiently implement restoration work.

Registration and Questions: Contact Tom Grant at UGrestoration@gmail.com or 970-641-6065

Dates and Descriptions: August 22-23:

Restoration Design and Planning Workshop in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Workshop is FREE and spaces are limited.

Day 1 (8/22) - half day classroom overview of restoration methods, site planning, and implementation

Day 2 (8/23) - full day field-based restoration planning and design workshop at Pinon Mesa

Fall 2018 Webinar (date TBD): Webinar on site selection and prioritization by TNC Spatial Analyst Teresa Chapman and BIO-Logicʼs Restoration Ecologist Shawn Conner. Overview of spatial analyses used to rank potential restoration sites for riparian condition and restoration potential, and discussion of field evaluation to determine appropriate restoration sites.
Partners: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District The Nature Conservancy - Colorado Chapter Colorado Parks and Wildlife and US Bureau of Land Management

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