Recreational Trails Program

Recreational Trails Program

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Eligible Applicants:
Relevant Project Area:
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Listed below are the types of projects eligible for the Federal Recreational Trails Program grant:
o Maintenance and restoration of existing trails,
o Development and rehabilitation of trailside and trailhead facilities and trail linkages,
o Purchase and lease of trail construction and maintenance equipment,
o Construction of new trails (with restrictions for new trails on Federal lands),
o Acquisition of property for trails/trailheads,
o Assessment of trail conditions for accessibility and maintenance, and
o Development and dissemination of publications and operation of educational programs to promote
safety and environmental protection related to trails (including supporting non-law enforcement trail
safety and trail use monitoring patrol programs, and providing trail-related training) (limited to 5
percent of a State's funds).

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mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.



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