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2019 Palm Desert Workshop

Join us in California for this two-day workshop that brings in professionals from across the country to discuss riparian restoration in the southwest, the effects of wildfire in desert riparian systems, the distribution and spread of the tamarisk beetle, impacts of the beetle on riparian systems, effects of the beetle on endangered species, and pollinator-specific riparian plantings.


The first day will be in a classroom-style setting and the second day will a site visit to a current Coachella Valley Water District project to discuss current and expected conditions as well as ongoing rehabilitation activities. 


Contact Ben Bloodworth at for more information.


----------------- UPDATE --------------------


We had an awesome workshop in Palm Desert with great speakers and very engaged attendees who asked spot-on questions. Below are links to each of the presentations that were provided at this workshop.


Awesome sponsors slide!

Workshop Final Agenda

Introduction to RiversEdge West - Ben Bloodworth, RiversEdge West

History, introduction, and spread of the tamarisk beetle - Ben Bloodworth

Observed and anticipated effects of the tamarisk beetle - Ben Bloodworth

SW riparian wildfire and the tamarisk beetle - Gail Drus, St. Francis University

Impacts of tamarisk beetle defoliation on SWFL - Mary Anne McLeod, SWCA Environ. Consultants

Restoration planning for long-term success - Bruce Orr, Stillwater Sciences

Vegetation management tamarisk biocontrol - Curt Deuser, National Park Service - EPMT

Fountain grass ID and removal - Curt Deuser

Revegetation for pollinators - Carianne Campbell, Strategic Habitat Enhancements

Coachella Valley Water District tamarisk removal project - Brett Daniels, Coachella Valley Water District

RiversEdge West's

mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.