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Scott Marsh

Scott is the State Weeds Specialist for the Kansas Department of Agriculture. He grew up in Michigan and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from Michigan Technological University.  This was followed by a rather vagabond career in Wildlife Management in several areas of the country from east to west.  In 2003 he started working on the agricultural side of things with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and onto noxious weeds in 2007 with the Nevada Department of Agriculture as the Noxious Weed Program Coordinator.  In 2012 he moved to Kansas to take on the role of State Weeds Specialist with the Department of Agriculture.  He is currently working to expand the biological control and Early Detection Rapid Response programs and encouraging community involvement in noxious weed management.  With tamarisk being a big problem in both Nevada and Kansas, he jumped at the chance to serve on the Board of Directors of the Tamarisk Coalition.  He hopes to not only help the Tamarisk Coalition expand its work into Kansas but also to promote the work they do and support them in any way possible. Scott is also on the Executive Board of the Missouri River Watershed Coalition and an active member of the Western Weed Coordinating Committee.
He and his wife of 10 years, Alison, live in Topeka with their dog and enjoy frequent visits from family. Scott is an avid birder and enjoys reading and hunting.

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