$2,500 Received to Restore Areas Impacted by Recent Wildfires

RiversEdge West
December 3rd, 2019
Cara Kukuraitis
Outreach Coordinator | RiversEdge West
DECEMBER 2, 2019
RiversEdge West Receives $2,500 to Restore Areas Impacted by Recent Wildfires
The Conservation, Outdoor Recreation and Environment (CORE) Initiative is a program of Western Colorado Community Foundation that provides leadership and financial support for projects that advance the conservation and restoration of natural and working landscapes and the protection and enhancement of natural ecosystems that are important to the quality of life, economy and outdoor recreation in western Colorado.
In November, the CORE fund awarded RiversEdge West (REW) with $2,500 to support REW’s work to actively restore riparian (riverside) habitat that was impacted by wildfire in Cameo along the Colorado River. Funds will be used to purchase seed and plant materials as well as provide volunteer stewardship support.  
“We are excited to support this project as it is a highly visible area that provides an opportunity to inform the community about the devastating effects of wildfire and the challenges of restoring native riparian habitat. RiversEdge West has the expertise and experience to both undertake the restoration and share the Cameo Fire story with the community” said Chris Herrman, CORE Initiative Director. 
The Colorado and Gunnison river corridors are renowned for their ecological, recreational, aesthetic, cultural, and vital economic values for the community. RiversEdge West leads landscape-scale riparian (riverside) restoration efforts, including that of the Desert Rivers Collaborative; a partnership of land managers, private landowners, city officials, etc. who are working together to improve riparian lands along the Colorado and Gunnison rivers in Mesa and Delta counties.
“We are honored by this award from the Western Colorado Community Foundation and the people that support the CORE Initiative”, said Rusty Lloyd, Executive Director of RiversEdge West. “We commend them for their commitment to the restoration of our local rivers that are so vital to our way of life here in the Grand Valley. These funds will be a big help in the restoration of the areas impacted by recent wildfires.”
REW’s leadership of the Desert Rivers Collaborative is striving to bring a strategic and coordinated approach to riparian restoration throughout the Grand Valley such that measurable, landscape-scale improvements can be achieved and sustained. Goals include: 
  • Protecting, restoring, and maintaining habitat for fish and wildlife species, including Colorado River endangered fish species
  • Promoting improvements in river function, flood control, and erosion mitigation
  • Fostering community pride and livelihood through the improvement of recreational experiences and opportunities along our rivers
  • Providing the local community economic incentives and employment opportunities for removing invasive plant species on their own property
  • Employing adaptive management strategies that facilitate communication and coordination between land managers, landowners, and partners
To learn more about RiversEdge West or the work being accomplished to restore riverside habitat in the Grand Valley, visit their website www.riversedgewest.org.

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