Dozens rafted down the river to help restore riversides

July 1st, 2014

Check out the coverage from our 1st Annual Raft the River event!  Stay tuned for details on next year's trip! 


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. On Sunday over 40 people came out to support the Tamarisk Coalition and their fight to restore and regrow native plants along the Colorado River and several other rivers throughout Colorado.
The group held its first ever River Rafting Fundraiser, where anyone could raft down the Colorado River in a guided tour from Rim Rock Adventures.
The Coalition partnered up with Rim Rock Adventures and several other area restaurants to provide rafts, food, and drinks for the group.
The rafting trip started at the Blue Heron boat ramp and made several stops along the river for people to learn about the many different plants that grow along the riversides.
The trip concluded back at Rim Rock’s store where there was dinner and drinks and several local artists performed.
Stacy Beaugh from the Coalition said they are excited that people are interested in helping restore the riversides to what they used to be.
"About 20 or 30 years ago we had some pretty big invasion of invasive plants, Tamara and Russian olive to the valley and it’s really changed the dynamic of how the river works," said Beaugh.

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