Habitat Improvement at Palisade Riverbend Park

July 21st, 2020
Rica Fulton
Restoration Coordinator | RiversEdge West
Cara Kukuraitis
Outreach Coordinator | RiversEdge West
Invitation to Attend: Habitat Improvement at Palisade Riverbend Park
July 21, 2020
Palisade, CO—Members of the media are invited to attend a river restoration workday hosted by RiversEgde West, the Western Colorado Conservation Corps, and the Town of Palisade.
Date: Monday, July 27th at 9:00 am
Where: Palisade Riverbend Park. Crews will be located upstream of the boat launch.
Details: Conservation Corps Crews will be removing Russian olive and tamarisk trees that have created dense thickets along Riverbend Park’s section of the Colorado River. Crews will also be re-treating areas of Russian olive and tamarisk re-growth from work that was completed last fall.  
Partners include: RiversEdge West, the Desert Rivers Collaborative, Western Colorado Conservation Corps, and the Town of Palisade. 
More info:
This work to improve riparian habitat is part of the Desert Rivers Collaborative, a partnership that RiversEdge West leads that is dedicated to restoring the Colorado River in the Grand Valley region, which encompasses Grand Junction, Clifton, Palisade, and Fruita. Projects also span the lower Gunnison River from its confluence with the Colorado River to Delta. REW formed the DRC in 2012 to provide a coordinated platform for local land managers in Mesa and Delta Counties to conduct restoration efforts for the benefit of overall river health and improved local communities. 
"The ongoing restoration work at Riverbend Park in Palisade illuminates the importance of collaborating to effectively restore riverside areas, share resources, and complete various stages of restoration simultaneously,” says Rica Fulton, Restoration Coordinator with RiversEdge West. “The Town of Palisade continues to be an amazing steward of the riverside area and puts resources and thoughtful management towards Riverbend Park." 
RiversEdge West has been collaborating with the Town of Palisade on habitat improvement work at Riverbend Park since 2012. With various ongoing projects, from bank stabilization using willows, to supporting initial tamarisk and Russian olive removal, RiversEdge West plans to continue to collaborate on both active revegetation and invasive species removal work into the future.


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