Pulling for Pollinators Campaign Kicks-Off

September 26th, 2014 to October 31st, 2014
Listen to the Music: Pulling for Pollinators Campaign Kicks-Off this October
If you have ever walked among native flowering plants, you might have heard a sound likened to a weed eater buzzing nearby, with no weed eater or such machinery in sight.  After further observation, you may have then realized that the buzzing sound is not actually from machinery, but is indeed the result of countless bees drifting among you from one flower to the next.   
Enjoying this buzzing music of the pollinators is now a daily occurrence for those that visit the Pollinator Garden of Watson Island; an area of land located directly behind the Western Colorado Botanic Gardens on the south side of the Riverfront Trail.  Once heavily infested with invasive weeds and used as a dumping ground, the Pollinator Garden is now home to over 50 native plant species.  Totaling 1,300 plants, the area provides a sanctuary to pollinators and community members alike.   
The Pollinator Garden is part of a project that the Tamarisk Coalition, a local nonprofit dedicated to advancing the restoration of riparian (riverside) lands through education, collaboration, and technical assistance, and the City of Grand Junction began in 2012 as part of broader efforts to restore the riverside area.  The goals of regenerating this previously weed-filled area with native plants include improving overall community and economic development, educating the community about the beauty and utility of the region's native plants, and increasing visitor experiences; all while attracting pollinator species in the process.  
“The Grand Valley has been invested in the betterment of this site for the past 25+ years.  The Tamarisk Coalition is working with the community to build on this investment to provide more assets to the area,” stated Stacy Beaugh, Executive Director of the Tamarisk Coalition.  
As with most gardens, however, the Pollinator Garden is currently at risk of being overrun by invasive weeds, particularly kochia.  As October approaches, the Tamarisk Coalition prepares for their month long Pulling for Pollinators community campaign to garner additional funding that will support coordination and staffing for pulling this invasive weed.  Doing so will improve the survivability of the native plant species and the pollinators which depend on them.   
To kick-off the Pulling for Pollinators campaign, join the Tamarisk Coalition and Edgewater Brewery for their Beer by the Banks event on October 2nd.  To join the campaign, attend their Beer by the Banks kick-off event, or volunteer, visit their website https://ioby.org/project/pulling-pollinators.  Or, simply take a moment to walk through the pollinator garden for yourself and listen to the music.

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