Restore Our Rivers Event at Fire on the Mountain Will Help Restore Six Rivers in the West

Tamarisk Coalition
March 27th, 2017 to April 6th, 2017
March 23, 2017
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Restore Our Rivers Event at Fire on the Mountain Will Help Restore Six Rivers in the West 
What: Tamarisk Coalition, in partnership with Fire on the Mountain in Denver, is launching a Restore Our Rivers kick-off party and fundraiser on April 6, 2017. Ten percent of all Fire on the Mountain sales made on April 6th will benefit Restore Our Rivers – a two-year initiative to raise $2.42M for six rivers in five states – Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. The goal of Restore Our Rivers is to invest in nine partnership groups working for healthy rivers.
When: 11 am – 10 pm on April 6, 2017, with an opportunity to talk with Tamarisk Coalition staff from 5- 7 pm. 
Where: Fire on the Mountain, 3801 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211
Details: Rivers throughout the West are in a state of crisis. Among the greatest stressors are invasive plants such as tamarisk, Russian olive, knapweed and tree of heaven, which rapidly displace native plants and degrade river systems by channelizing river banks, impairing natural river function, significantly reducing the quality of wildlife habitat value and forage for pollinators, decreasing biodiversity, increasing wildfire risk, and restricting access to scenic landscapes. 
Tamarisk Coalition works with local collaborative, grassroots partnerships to manage invasive plants and restore native plants to river systems throughout the Southwest. 
In its 15 years, Tamarisk Coalition has demonstrated that the partnership model, which engages diverse stakeholders and community members within a watershed, is the most effective means of achieving the long-term and sustained recovery of rivers. Through community outreach, education, and volunteerism, these partnerships also create jobs and engage local youth from underserved neighborhoods, many of whom will become the future stewards of these rivers. 
The Restore Our Rivers initiative will help restore 51,000 acres of important riparian lands throughout the Southwest; train and employ hundreds of workers, including young adults and veterans, and local contractors; and increase opportunities for river recreation (e.g., fishing, boating, camping), tourism and agricultural productivity, which will benefit local economies. 
“Overall, Restore Our Rivers allowed us to be part of the greater watershed community as well as introduce our work to a broader reach of funders,” said Laura Jones, community outreach & development coordinator for Friends of the Verde River Greenway, an Arizona-based Restore Our Rivers partner. 
To date, $1,179,692 (49% of the total goal) has been committed to this initiative including a commitment from all Tamarisk Coalition board members,  Fire on the Mountain, Kannah Creek Brewing Company, Big Agnes, Xcel Energy, Black Hills Energy, Lawrence T and Janet T Dee Foundation, and Walton Family Foundation, and many anonymous contributors.
"The Xcel Energy Foundation supports organizations and projects that protect and enhance the natural environment,” said Kynnie Martin, Xcel Energy senior foundation representative. “The Restore Our Rivers initiative will help restore and improve Colorado rivers and improve wildlife habitat that depends on the water while providing jobs and education to those communities directly in contact with the rivers.”

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