Sunny Day to Fundraise for First Raft the River Event

July 1st, 2014
By Angel Russell
GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- About 40 people were able to cool off on Sunday with the Raft the River Fundraiser.
This fundraiser was hosted by the Tamarisk Coalition and Rimrock Adventures.  
The Rimrock Adventure vans arrived, carrying eager people to spend a day on the water.
“Waters good and the weather is great, I think it be a great day,” said Rusty Llyod, Program Director for the Tamarisk Coalition.
The Tamarisk Coalition and Rimrock Adventures teamed up on Sunday for the first rafting tour fundraising event.
“We tried to think of a different type of fundraising event. We work on rivers so we thought why not go raft the rivers,” added Rusty.
The fundraiser included a rafting trip down to the Rimrock Adventure Ranch were attendees were able to enjoy live music and food.
“We’re very excited because this is the first time we’ve been on the river in this area since we moved here, I’m happy to support them and I am happy to be here,” said Tom Buick, attendee.
This fundraiser benefits the riverside restoration program led by the tamarisk coalition. This rafting trip is a way to educate the public, in a fun way, how important maintaining the river is.
“We are going to take them down the river and stop along areas where we are doing projects to teach them about riverside restoration,” added Rusty.
Since this event was a great success, the Tamarisk Coalition hope to make this year first rafting trip an annual event.  

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