Isabel Borman, a Realtor® at Bray Real Estate, offers her clients thoughtful, attentive, experienced sourcing and guidance when buying or selling a home. As a real estate investor herself, she keeps a close watch on market trends and data. 

Isabel is deeply committed to serving the Grand Junction community and has a background in nonprofit program management, marketing development for locally owned independent businesses and organic vegetable farming. Isabel earned her degree in Global Studies from St. Lawrence University and a post-grad intensive in Ecological Horticulture from UC Santa Cruz. 

Isabel has lived in Colorado since 2012. Prior to moving to Grand Junction, she lived in Durango, Idaho, California, New York, Kenya, and New Zealand. Traveling the world has given Isabel valuable insight and a mindful perspective, which in turn has made her a great listener and global citizen.

Isabel loves Grand Junction for its proximity to some of the country’s best mountain biking, skiing, and white-water rafting. With nature, so near and dear to her heart, Isabel is a steward of the land, seeking to restore and conserve its wonders for future generations to enjoy and cherish.