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Brush Piles along Monument Road

December 16th, 2014
The City of Grand Junction, as part of the Monument Road project, hand cut tamarisk and piled the branches along No Thoroughfare Wash and adjacent trails, just north of the Lunch Loops parking lot.

While it may look a bit messy, brush piles can provide nesting habitat, resting areas, concealment, and protection from predators for a number of animals.  Brush piles that are relatively open at ground level, but tightly compacted above, can provide good protective cover against harsh weather conditions. Densely packed piles of logs, rocks, or boulders can provide den sites for additional species of wildlife such as reptiles.
If you are interested in providing more habitat on your own land, think about what species you'd like to target and what cover types would be needed, and then specifically design brush piles to meet those needs.  
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