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A Call for Riparian Projects on Private Lands

August 19th, 2019
RiversEdge West has partnered with the Natural Resource Conservation Service to create a shared Private Lands Biologist position and hired Sarah Wilson in the winter of 2018.
Sarah’s past experiences include working with conservation districts, natural resources, state parks, private landowners, and fisheries. The primary goal of Sarah’s role as the Private Lands Biologist is to increase project services to private landowners on behalf of both agencies.
Today, Sarah is actively seeking landowners and managers with riparian area projects that could benefit from technical assistance.
Riparian areas can include wetlands, ponds, drainages, ditches, creeks, reservoirs, and riverbanks. Projects can include but are not limited to invasive species removal & revegetation, erosion control, wildlife habitat enhancement, grazing management with fencing & watering facilities, irrigation improvements, nutrient management, cropping system adjustments, orchard conservation practices, etc.
To learn more about utilizing funding assistance and guidance for your riparian area projects, please contact Sarah Wilson, Private Lands Biologist, at:,, call 307-321-3363, or visit our Private Lands page.

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