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Send in your tamarisk beetle observations by November 18th!

October 25th, 2022
Where were the tamarisk beetles in 2022?
Send in your observations by November 18th!
With snow falling in Grand Junction, it's officially that time of year! Please submit your tamarisk beetle (Diorhabda) presence/absence data for the annual RiversEdge West distribution map by November 18th. 
RiversEdge West’s Tamarisk Beetle Program provides information and science on the distribution and potential impacts of the tamarisk beetle, as well as collaborates to improve our understanding of the riparian ecosystem, including secondary weed invasions and the southwest willow flycatcher. Presence/absence data helps practitioners and scientists understand how tamarisk beetle populations are moving across the landscape and prepare for defoliation events.
Sending in Data
Please send observations to, providing each tamarisk beetle observation as unique GPS points (latitude and longitude, as precise as possible) with a date. If possible, please use this template to help us keep data tidy.
We also welcome any photos of tamarisk, defoliation or refoliation, beetles, or what's coming in underneath that you'd like to share.
Thank you in advance for sharing your data! If you know someone who is collecting tamarisk beetle data, please connect us! You can forward this email or send Amanda their contact info. 
Where were tamarisk beetles in 2021?
In 2021, tamarisk beetles continued expanding into the Lower Colorado River Basin, colonizing previously unreached areas of the Gila River in Arizona, and the Phoenix metropolitan area.
This year, we're watching historic sites where beetle populations had waned in recent years and sites where two tamarisk beetle species will converge from the east and west along the Gila River. The Lower Colorado River Basin areas are of particular interest as they support habitat for the endangered Southwestern Willow Flycatcher.  
You can find our previous years' interactive map here and the static version here

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