2013 River Crossings: Linking River Communities

March 11th, 2013 to March 15th, 2013
Colorado Mesa University
Grand Junction, CO n/a

This successful research conference and workshop represented a partnership between the River Management Society, Tamarisk Coalition, Submerged Lands Management Conference and the Water Center at Colorado Mesa University. This unique collaboration underscored each organization's appreciation for cross-training among water/river-related disciplines, and it delivered a valuable opportunity to learn and network with colleagues.

Please view the recorded presentations at our YouTube site.

Presentations that were not recorded with audio can be found in PDF form below:

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2013 Conference Testimonials 

"As a land manager working for the State of Colorado, I rely extensively on the Tamarisk Coalition to provide access to credible, current riparian restoration research and science. The Tamarisk Coalition conferences and research symposiums provide the most comprehensive venues in the West for researchers, scientists, and land managers to exchange ideas and learn from one another. Personally, the Tamarisk Coalition is an invaluable resource, providing me with opportunities to augment and improve upon my skills as a land manager."
-Shelly Simmons, Colorado State Forest Service 
"The annual conferences organized by the Tamarisk Coalition provide a critical role in bringing together riparian managers, researchers and conservationists from around the country to share information and develop coherent strategies for managing invasive riparian plants and promoting conservation of riparian biodiversity in western North America."
-Tom Dudley, University of California, Santa Barbara

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