Colorado Stream Restoration Network Workshop: "The River Ethic"

Colorado Stream Restoration Network
February 24th, 2020
Fort Collins, CO
Join us on Monday, February 24th at Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins to kick off the 2020 season of the Colorado Stream Restoration Network (CSRN). Brought to you by CRA and the City of Longmont, CSRN is a series of free workshops on riparian topics of interest to (and presented by) our Colorado riparian/stream community. CSRN is in its 7th year, born of Colorado’s 2013 Front Range flood as a means of sharing information and messaging to help guide flood recovery efforts towards more river- and riparian-friendly solutions. CSRN remains focused, as we move beyond active flood recovery, on disseminating scientific and educational information on river science, river management, and river restoration to technical experts, project proponents, regulators, and community members.
The topic of our February workshop is “The River Ethic”. Modeled after the Wilderness Ethic, the intent of this workshop is to start a dialogue on how to shape a river ethic that helps us improve societal understanding of stream corridors so that we tread more lightly (and safely) on them. Our presenters will suggest a river ethic as a way to lead us to better protection, management, and restoration of Colorado streams, as well as better protection of the people who love to live, work, and play along them. CRA wants to start this dialogue first with the CRA/CSRN riparian community to shape possible messaging on river processes and river understanding, generally, with the goal to ultimately share the river ethic broadly in our communities.
Dr. Ellen Wohl and Dr. Kurt Fausch, CSU, will bring their eloquence, passion, and deep wealth of knowledge to set the stage for this CSRN discussion, sharing what pre-disturbance really looks like in Colorado streams and posing initial ideas for a river ethic. A common misperception is that healthy Colorado streams look the way they did prior to extensive development and other active anthropogenic impacts, however this misses the profound impacts to many streams caused by large-scale removal of beaver populations. Dr. Wohl and Dr. Fausch will walk us through the importance of spatial heterogeneity, “being messy”, and other messages that have been forgotten or overlooked…until now.
Making changes to how we act along and in our rivers first requires that we truly understand our rivers - the changes we have caused and what they need not only for health and function, but also to better protect infrastructure in large floods and better weather periods of drought and climate change effects.
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