Cross-Watershed Network

The Cross-Watershed Network (XWN) is a network of watershed practitioners working collaboratively throughout the Southwest.  RiversEdge West has incubated XWN since its inception in 2012 and houses its staff in the Grand Junction office.  XWN connects practitioners in person (workshops and cross-visits) and online (practitioner directory).  By sharing restoration strategies and lessons-learned across watersheds, well-connected practitioners work more efficiently and effectively.


Where Are We?


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"The value in XWN comes from the focus on interaction, networking, and collaboration. By pulling from some of the most creative, intelligent, and inquisitive minds in riparian restoration, resources and ideas meet to create resilient and effective restoration strategies. 
The XWN workshop provided an opportunity for the Gila Watershed Partnership to meet fellow native plant nursery managers like Kara Dohrenwend with Wild Landscapes. After the workshop, we were even able to visit Kara at her nursery. The advice and relationship we gained as a result of this connection will surely have a positive impact on the growth of our own nursery."
- Justin Johnson
Plant Propagation Coordinator
Gila Watershed Partnership

RiversEdge West's

mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.



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