Developing a Communications Plan with Purpose

Colorado Nonprofit Association
October 18th, 2017
Durango, CO
Connecting with your audiences is a critical component to any organization. How can people get behind your mission, if they don't know you exist, or the impact you create? Communications is an essential activity for every nonprofit and key to building a sustainable organization that attracts funders and supporters.  
This session will discuss the role of communications in the larger marketing mix, how to nurture and build a strong brand and outline the process and tools to create an annual communications plan. After this two hour session, you will be equipped with the confidence and tools to hone your message, prioritize where to share it and a have a simple tool to manage resources.
Learning Objectives
  • Put communications in perspective in context of the larger marketing mix.
  • Understand the key aspects to a strong brand.
  • Identifying touchpoints and how to use them to connect with your audiences.
  • Develop a realistic communication plan using a planning tool

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