Front Range Thistle Identification

Colorado Native Plant Society
April 29th, 2017
6550 Gateway Road
Commerce City, CO
This beginner to intermediate level workshop will review plant identification terminology specific to composites, how to identify thistle species in the field using key traits, how to key out thistle species using a dichotomous key and information on the general ecology and prescribed management techniques for noxious weed species. Participants should bring a hands lens and Colorado Flora: Eastern Slope (Weber and Wittman). The Larimer County Natural Resources Program will be donating copies of the second edition of “Thistles of Colorado: Identification and Management Guide” to workshop participants. Workshop will include introduced species such as bull thistle, Canada thistle, musk thistle, Scotch thistle and native species such as Flodman’s thistle, wavy leaf thistle and yellow spine thistle.   Thistle look-a- likes such as yellow star thistle, prickly lettuce, prickly poppy, and sow thistle will also be covered. 
Carla DeMasters has worked as a Plant Ecologist/Botanist in the Western United States for over 13 years. She currently works as a Restoration Ecologist with Westervelt Ecological Services. She has a Master’s degree in Geography from CU Boulder, where she studied the biogeography of reproductive modes in Erigeron strigosus (prairie fleabane). Carla is interested in habitat conservation and restoration and is finishing a graduate degree in Biology with a focus in ecological restoration from CU Denver this spring.

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