Lentic Riparian Proper Functioning Condition Assessment Training

Utah Riparian Service Team
October 18th, 2016 to October 20th, 2016
Cedar City, UT
You are invited to submit nominations to attend a 3-day training session on the Process for Assessing Proper Functioning Condition (PFC) of Lentic Areas.  This session is an activity of a west-wide effort entitled “Creeks and Communities: A Continuing Strategy for Accelerating Cooperative Riparian Restoration and Management.”  The focus of this effort is to facilitate cooperation with all landowners on a watershed scale.  Effective restoration and management must promote the establishment of common terms, definitions, and methods.  This tool has proven useful in determining those opportunities where there is a high probability for positive change with a reasonable investment, while enhancing management and problem solving at the local level by the people most affected.
Emphasis is on bringing people with diverse backgrounds and values together and implementing the use of this assessment method as a key tool for a collaborative, landscape approach applied at the ground level.  In order to accomplish this, the training is available to Federal, State, and local agencies, Tribes, industry and conservation interests, and others.  
Session Dates:
The session will be held October 18-20 in Cedar City, Utah.  Instructors will include members of the Utah Riparian Training Team.  The first day will take place in a classroom setting and the second and third day will be spent assessing a diversity of spring systems in desert and alpine ecosystems.  For those interested, plan on 3-full days of instruction. There is no cost for tuition and attendance for the session will be limited to the first 30 people enrolled.
Please submit your request to attend as soon as possible to Justin Jimenez (jjimenez@blm.gov ).  Please include the following information:
Affiliation or agency
Address, phone, e-mail 
Interest, discipline, or area of expertise
For those that enroll, session details regarding meeting rooms and motels will be sent to you prior to the session.  Questions regarding details of the sessions should be directed to either Justin Jimenez (801-539-4073) or to Mark Petersen (801-450-5981), Utah Interagency Riparian Team Coordinators, email jjimenez@blm.gov or petersenmm@comcast.net.  

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