Low-Tech Process-Based Restoration of Riverscapes

October 8th, 2019 to October 9th, 2019
Logan, UT

October 9-11, 2019.   $1100

This workshop, hosted by Utah State University's Watershed Sciences Department and Restoration Consortium, will bring together partners interested in low-tech alternatives for restoring streams and associated riparian and mesic habitats to benefit wildlife and working lands. Participation is open to everyone.


In this 2.5 day workshop, we will evaluate cost-effective, low-risk techniques that can be implemented at large scales to meet mesic habitat restoration goals including: partnering with beaver, beaver dam analogues (BDAs), post-assisted log structures (PALS), and other simple hand-built structures designed to facilitate process-based restoration.


Course Description:

Primary Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain: 

  • An appreciation of beaver ecology and the complex feedbacks between beaver activity, hydrogeomorphic responses, riparian vegetation and ecology;

  • Exposure to a variety of low-tech recipes, such as BDAs, for addressing specific impairments using a process-based restoration philosophy;

  • Introduction to considerations in planning, permitting, design and building such restoration projects;

  • Knowledge of how to use adaptive management in managing expectations about beaver as a restoration agent and/or nuisance impacts;

  • First-hand experience designing and building BDAs and other structures; a network of practitioners to share perspectives and lessons learned.

Access to CANVAS (Coming Soon).

Here are resources and background materials from the Process Based Restoration Workshop held in Logan in 2018. Check back here often for updates and materials for the October 9-11 workshop.

View the tentative workshop schedule here. Field sites, speakers and other locations to be announced.


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