Partnerships We Coordinate

As part of our effort to promote cross-boundary, ecosystem-wide restoration approaches that employ a landscape-scale perspective we coordinate several public and private, multi-stakeholder partnerships or collaborative approaches to riparian restoration. 
RiversEdge West coordinates the:
Our leadership brings resource managers and communities together to address common challenges, leverage resources, build capacity, and collectively implement riparian restoration actions in an effective manner that promotes stewardship and long-term success.

Why Collaborate?

Below are some of the many benefits to collaborative restoration approaches, as summarized by the members of the Northwest Colorado Riparian Restoration Partnership:
  • Provides an opportunity for a diverse set of stakeholders to have a common focus on riparian impacts such as tamarisk and Russian olive
  • Allows for communication and consideration of multiple resource concerns affecting riparian management to enhance decision making and project approaches
  • Creates a venue for informal and structured communication, connection, and networking between both public and private land managers over multiple resource concerns
  • Provides an opportunity for learning from peers and experts
  • Partnership meetings and tracking of accomplishments help to maintain momentum on riparian restoration projects that can seem overwhelming at a watershed scale
  • Provides a catalyst to get projects going or continue projects that have stalled out
  • Provides a mechanism for informing community members and elected officials of the state of the riparian areas in the region and need to protect or enhance them 
"Partners In Conservation (PIC) is a small, rural non-profit in southern Nevada; RiversEdge West (REW) has been generously available to our organization as we have endeavored to initiate, plan, develop, and implement restoration projects along the Virgin River. REW staff has always been available for support, to answer 'how do we do this', to provide mentoring and guidance, plus their many publications and outstanding website(s) are a continual and constant source of information and scientific analysis of what works, what doesn't. REW is an integral part of any of our restoration success along the Virgin River."
-Elise McAllister, Partners In Conservation

RiversEdge West's

mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.



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