Planning & Mapping

In 2015, the Desert Rivers Collaborative completed a 5-Year Implementation Plan to address the coordinated treatment and subsequent revegetation of lands significantly impacted by invasive riparian plant species. This plan compiles information on restoration completed in the region to date and partner organizations and regional initiatives operating within the area.  It also provides a strategic approach for controlling invasive riparian plants that will enable stakeholders to prioritize, develop, and implement restoration actions, while also increasing the level of collaboration and communication among stakeholders, improving information transfer, adaptive management, and landscape-scale success in the process. This plan complements other regional planning efforts, such as the one described below. 
In 2012, RiversEdge West, in coordination with Tetra Tech and the City of Grand Junction, developed restoration recommendations for the Colorado River from Loma to Palisade. The recommendations, which are presented as an engineering appendix, were designed to support the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers effort for developing and evaluation of the Colorado River Ecosystem Restoration project, in accordance with Section 206 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1996.
The appendix developed reconnaissance level plans for river segments based on vegetation field surveys completed in 2010.
For each segment the following data were provided:
  • Segment information
  • Land ownership information
  • Estimated tamarisk and Russian olive canopy coverage
  • Narrative description of the segment and  recommendations
  • Recreation features
  • Photo numbers and photos
  • Tables that summarize site restoration actions, including planting recommendations
Components of the appendix are provided below. The data provided in this report can be used to assess site restoration potential and were used to inform the Desert Rivers Collaborative Restoration Plan. 
Exhibit 1: Project Maps
Exhibit 3: Geomorphic Aerial Overlays
Exhibit 4: Hydraulic Analysis (available upon request)

RiversEdge West's

mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.