Raft the River - Float Trip & Dinner on the CO River

Tamarisk Coalition
August 27th, 2016
Colorado River
Fruita, CO 81501

3rd Annual Raft the River 

On August 27th, join us and local river experts for "Raft the River," a fun, educational float trip and dinner along the Colorado River in Fruita, Colorado from 1pm~6:30pm.  Plus, live music from Jack+Jill!  Click here to view the flyer.

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While enjoying the beautiful scenery that the Colorado River has to offer (including a blue heron rookery), this one-day float trip will provide attendees with a “behind the scenes” look at the work being done to rejuvenate the treasured riparian (riverside) area in the Grand Valley.  
Guided by Rimrock Adventures, attendees will talk with local river experts and explore past, current, and future riverside restoration sites and reclaimed wildlife areas at a few stops along the river.  Discussions will also include the tamarisk beetle, fish, and other wildlife.  
After the float, participants will be greeted with live music from Jack+Jill, delicious food, drinks (including beer from Copper Club Brewing Company!), and prizes.
Along with Tamarisk Coalition staff, guest speakers and topics may include:

    (from left to right)

    • Dr. Gigi Richard, Professor of Geology and Faculty Director of the Water Center at Colorado Mesa University
    • Patty Gelatt, former Fish and Wildlife Bioligist and current Tamarisk Coalition board member
    • Rick Krueger, former Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Environmental Contaminants Coordinator.  Rick's work with FWS mainly focused on reducing concentrations of selenium, a natural occurring trace metal that is leached from the soil through irrigation and is known to adversely impact the reproductive capacity of razorback suckers and Colorado pike minnow, two endangered fish found in the Colorado River.   Rick will discuss the fish that live in the river, selenium and its impact on razorback suckers, and non native plants - particularly pertaining to how they have caused the river to become incised and reduce backwater habitat necessary for native fish species.  Rick is also a member of the Mesa County Search and Rescue ground and swift water teams.
    • Jenny Fausey is a Crew Leader with the Western Colorado Conservation Corps.  She will discuss the social benefits of restoration and an overview of the correct process of removing invasive species.   
    Bring your friends and family and don't miss this evening that celebrates our rivers and the community that supports them.   Register here.
    All proceeds go towards river restoration programs here in the Grand Valley.
    Questions or interested in joining our team of sponsors?  Contact Cara at Ckukuraitis@tamariskcoalition.org
    Still undecided?  Check out the last two years!
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    Logistics (subject to change):
    • 1pm
      • Attendees will meet at Rimrock Adventures, (927 HWY 340 Fruita, Colorado) at 1pm - there will be a restroom available here.  We will park our cars at Rimrock Adventures and take a shuttle to the put-in at the Blue Heron/Redlands Parkway boat ramp.
    • 2pm
      •  After a safety briefing, we'll put on the water at the Blue Heron/Redlands Parkway boat ramp.
    • 2pm~5pm
      • During the float, we will make a few stops to highlight river restoration projects along the way and hear presentations from our guest speakers/river experts - there will be no official restrooms available while on the river.  
    • ~5pm (approximate time, depnding on the flows and wind)
      • We will conclude the float back where we parked our cars, at Rimrock Adventures - there will be a restroom available here.  
    • 5~7pm
      • After the float, enjoy a BBQ (e.g. pulled pork from Rib City, salads from Cafe Sol, dessert from the Trailhead Coffee Bar and Cafe, to name a few!), beer courtesy of the Copper Club Brewing Company, live music and prizes!
    Things to bring:
    • Reusable water bottle 
    • Sunscreen
    • Footwear: The most common injuries during river activities are foot injuries, so protect your feet with secure footwear. Sharp rocks and occasional broken glass are potential hazards both along the riverbanks and the riverbed itself. As there's plenty of mud along the Colorado's riverbanks, choose footwear that can be thoroughly cleaned or hosed off following your trip. Water shoes, strap-on river sandals or old sneakers are all good choices. Bare feet and flip-flops are not acceptable.
    • Sunglasses and a retainer strap
    • Hat
    • Any particular snacks that you would like 

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