Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference

October 10th, 2017 to October 12th, 2017
Avon, CO
“Coming Together – the Confluence of Science and Society”
October 10th - 12th, 2017
Westin Riverfront Resort, Avon, CO
Registration opens July 2017.
You are cordially invited to submit ideas for presentations at the 12th Annual Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference. This event expands cooperation and collaboration throughout Colorado for natural resource conservation, protection, and enhancement by informing citizen groups, agencies, consultants, and legislators about current issues and through networking opportunities. In 2017, the conference will focus on “Coming Together – the Confluence of Science and Society”. The following sub-themes will be featured this year:
  • Non-traditional partnerships to share resources and improve stream health;
  • Reaching the right people: how outreach and education has affected water project implementation;
  • Using data to tell stories that bridge divides, make compelling cases for restoration, and create catalysts for decision making and forward momentum;
  • Innovative agricultural and range management practices and partnerships to promote soil and stream health;
  • Balancing watershed health and resource development in mining and energy;
  • Disaster recovery projects: adapting to a changing environment and engaging stakeholders in the ecology of their watershed;
  • Use of innovative or under used techniques to address watershed and stream health challenges.
Submissions are due by Monday April 10, 2017. 
send a short overview via e-mail to

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