American Forest Foundation Network Partner Program Grant

American Forest Foundation Network Partner Program Grant

Private Foundations
Funder Name:
American Forest Foundation
New Mexico
Eligible Applicants:
State Agencies
Non-profits organizations
Relevant Project Area:
Forest and Fire Prevention
Capacity Building, Collaboration, & Planning
Funding Range:

Over time the Network Partner Program (NPP) will provide financial and technical support to a range of entities (e.g.: NGOs, institutions, state agencies) in targeted watersheds across the western U.S. to develop and implement a series of discrete outreach campaigns that incorporate marketing best practices that empower landowners to implement forest restoration activities. These campaigns are locally branded, often supported with dedicated websites, and are designed to inspire landowner action which, taken cumulatively, increase forest resilience to the inevitable fire and therefore confer a water quality benefit. Successful NPP projects, comprised of a series of campaigns over time: 1) build a “pipeline” of landowners ready to take advantage of technical and/or financial assistance as it is available, 2) pursue strategies that overcome local capacity limitations and in so doing are aggressive in their scope of outreach, and 3) incorporate goals, objectives, and rigorous metrics including landowners marketed to, landowners responding, landowners taking action, and acres restored. Network Partners will use an AFF-owned spatially-explicit, relational database to track and report on outreach to landowners and ensuing engagement and action of those landowners. Because this work is predicated on outreach to targeted landowner populations to deliver a specific conservation impact (water quality benefit through fire risk reduction/forest restoration), applicants should review the maps and list of target sub watersheds in the RFP. 

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