Hazardous Fuels Reduction Grant

Hazardous Fuels Reduction Grant

State Agencies
Funder Name:
Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM)
Eligible Applicants:
Local governments and Utility Districts
Non-profits organizations
Colleges, Schools and Research Institutions
Relevant Project Area:
Forest and Fire Prevention
Science, Monitoring & Research
Outreach & Community Engagement
Funding Range:
Fuel reduction projects and vegetation treatments have been identified as a means of mitigating wildfire hazards. These are projects that remove or modify fuels in and/or adjacent to WUI development and are expected to have a substantial impact on potential fire behavior. Effective fuels mitigation treatments can be implemented across jurisdictional boundaries, on adjoining private lands, or within the respective communities. Projects of this type include fuel breaks, thinning, landscape modifications, etc. The overall purpose is to modify or break up the fuels in such a way as to lessen catastrophic fire and its threat to public and firefighter safety and damage to property. Priority will be given to projects that are immediately adjacent to existing or planned US Forest Service or BLM hazardous fuels thinning projects. Project proposals should consider all
elements required to implement treatments on the ground, which includes acquiring the necessary permits and consultations needed to complete plans and assessments, as well as all field work within the project timeframe.
Examples of projects that qualify (not all inclusive):
  • Defensible space around homes and structures
  • Shaded fuel breaks
  • Fuels reduction beyond defensible space
  • Removal of slash including piling and burning; mulching; grinding; etc.
  • Prescribed fire

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