Community Challenge Grant Program

Community Challenge Grant Program

State Agencies
Funder Name:
Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management
Eligible Applicants:
Tribal Governments
Local governments and Utility Districts
Non-profits organizations
Colleges, Schools and Research Institutions
Relevant Project Area:
Forest and Fire Prevention
Youth & Environmental Education
Science, Monitoring & Research
Outreach & Community Engagement
Funding Range:

Community Challenge Grants are intended for promoting and enhancing the quality of Arizona’s urban and community forests. The program aims to fund projects that might not otherwise be funded through existing budgets, and research project funding is intended as “seed-grants” because of the limited funding available. All proposed projects should be designed to improve the long-term health and care of the urban forest, or initiate new urban forestry projects in Arizona communities.

In evaluating grant proposals, consideration will be given to projects that:

  • Improve understanding of the benefits of protecting, maintaining, and preserving tree cover.
  • Promote volunteerism, multi-cultural awareness, and involvement of nonprofit organizations, agencies, and the private sector in implementing urban and community forestry programs.
  • Increase the number of communities assisted through technology transfer, training, and education in tree care or urban natural resource management.
  • Increase the number of partnerships and cooperators in urban and community forestry activities through technical, financial, and in-kind support.
  • Increase the number of communities given technical, financial, or other forms of urban and community forestry assistance (i.e. tree inventories, tree board establishment, ordinance development, management plans, or infrastructure).
  • Enhance the technical skills of individuals involved in the planning, developing, and maintaining urban and community forestry programs.
  • Expand existing research intended to improve understanding of southwestern (a) tree growth and maintenance, tree physiology and morphology, and species adaptations; and (b) the role of urban trees in conserving energy and mitigating the urban heat island.

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