Invasive Plants Grant

Invasive Plants Grant

State Agencies
Funder Name:
Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management
Eligible Applicants:
Tribal Governments
State Agencies
Local governments and Utility Districts
Non-profits organizations
Colleges, Schools and Research Institutions
Relevant Project Area:
Habitat Improvement, Biodiversity, & Riparian Restoration
Invasive Species
Science, Monitoring & Research
Funding Range:

The Invasive Plant Grant Program focuses on prevention, control, and eradication of invasive and noxious plants and aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Target and treat invasive and noxious plants that are capable of transforming plant communities in forests or woodlands.
  • Increase local capacity to manage and prevent encroachment of invasive and noxious weeds through Cooperative Weed Management Areas (CWMA).
  • Use an integrated weed management approach to treating areas infested with invasive and noxious plants. Utilize a combination of available tools including manual, cultural, mechanical, herbicides, and biological control.

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