Applied Science Grants

Applied Science Grants

Federal Agencies/Foundations
Funder Name:
Bureau of Reclamation
Eligible Applicants:
Tribal Governments
State Agencies
Local governments and Utility Districts
Relevant Project Area:
Science, Monitoring & Research
Water Conservation
Funding Range:

The Bureau of Reclamation is releasing an applied science grant funding opportunity for non-federal entities to cost-share on projects to develop hydrologic information and water management tools and improve modeling and forecasting capabilities.

Project results must be readily applicable by water managers and include tools and information that can be used to support water supply reliability, management of water deliveries, water marketing activities, drought management activities, conjunctive use of ground and surface water, water rights administration, ability to meet endangered species requirements, watershed health, conservation and efficiency and other water management objectives.

"Improving the information and tools for water managers is important for Reclamation as it supports water supply reliability efforts throughout the western United States," said Reclamation Program Coordinator Avra Morgan.

Federal funding will not exceed 50-percent of the total project cost. Funding is available in two categories.

  • Funding Group I: Up to $150,000 in federal funds per agreement provided through this funding opportunity for projects that generally should be completed in two years.
  • Funding Group II: Up to $300,000 in federal funds per agreement provided through this funding opportunity for projects that generally should be completed in three years.

Those eligible to apply for this funding opportunity are states, tribes, irrigation districts, water districts, or other organizations with water or power delivery authority located in the western United States, U.S. Territories, Alaska or Hawaii. Universities, non-profit research organizations and nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply but must partner with an organization as outlined in the funding opportunity.

This funding opportunity has two submittal periods. Proposals received before October 30, 2019, 4:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time. This funding opportunity will be updated to provide a second application deadline in fiscal year 2020 for proposals to be considered for fiscal year 2020 funding, contingent on appropriations.   The funding opportunity is available at by searching for funding opportunity number BOR-DO-19-F012.

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