Forest Restoration and Wildfire Risk Mitigation Grant

Forest Restoration and Wildfire Risk Mitigation Grant

State Agencies
Funder Name:
Colorado State Forest Service
Eligible Applicants:
State Agencies
Local governments and Utility Districts
Non-profits organizations
Relevant Project Area:
Forest and Fire Prevention
Invasive Species
Funding Range:

The Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) is accepting Forest Restoration and Wildfire Risk Mitigation (FRWRM) grant applications for projects on non-federal lands in Colorado for the purposes of:

  1. Fuels and forest health projects, and/or
  2. Capacity building projects

Eligible applicants include local community groups, local government entities (such as fire protection districts, public and private utilities), state agencies and non-profit groups.

The FRWRM program was established through Senate Bill 17-050 to provide state support in the form of competitive grant funds that encourage community-level actions across the state to:

  • Reduce the risk of wildfire to people, property and infrastructure in the wildland-urban interface (WUI)
  • Promote forest health and forest restoration projects
  • Encourage utilization of woody material for traditional forest products and biomass energy

Successful applicants will receive final award approval with approximate project start date on April 1, 2021.

Additional information about the program purpose, requirements and eligibility can be found in the request for applications (RFA).  Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact local CSFS Field Offices for support and guidance in developing projects and applications.

Past FRWRM grant recipients include non-profit groups, conservation districts, fire departments, fire protection districts, homeowners and road associations, counties and cities. Project awards have ranged from roughly $4,400-$231,750 for both capacity and fuels and forest health treatments in communities across Colorado.

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