Colorado Water Plan Grants

Colorado Water Plan Grants

State Agencies
Funder Name:
Colorado Water Conservation Board
Eligible Applicants:
State Agencies
Local governments and Utility Districts
Non-profits organizations
Businesses and Corporations
Relevant Project Area:
Water Quality & Watershed Health
Environment, Natural Resource Management, and Human Health
Water Conservation
Funding Range:

The Water Plan Grant funding is available to promote progress on the critical actions identified in the Water Plan and its measurable objectives. The Board will fund the projects, programs and activities that have the best opportunity to make progress on the Water Plan’s objectives. All applications will be assessed based on funds available for a particular Water Plan Implementation category. See CWCB’s website for Water Plan Grant category balances. In order to help ensure opportunities for applicants to seek funding in an orderly fashion and at the same time to encourage competitive access to the funding, applications will be evaluated based on the eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria outlined in this document. After thorough evaluation, CWCB staff will recommend projects to the CWCB Board for approval of grant funding during regularly scheduled Board meetings. CWCB staff reserves the right to negotiate with applicants to modify the scope and budget of their project to better meet the Water Plan objectives. The CWCB understands that some water projects and processes require a longer lead time in order to develop a comprehensive Water Plan Grant application. Applicants may choose to notify the Board of their interest in applying for a Water Plan Grant at a future date by checking the ‘Intent to Apply’ box on the Grant Application. This will allow the Board to consider the need for potential future funding. Water Plan Funding Categories* include: ● Supply and Demand Gap Projects - Multi-beneficial projects and those projects identified in basin implementation plans to address the water supply and demand gap; ● Water Storage Projects – Projects that facilitate the development of additional storage, artificial recharge into aquifers, and dredging existing reservoirs to restore the reservoirs' full decreed storage capacity; ● Conservation & Land Use Projects – Activities that implement long-term strategies for conservation, land use, and drought planning; ● Engagement & Innovation Activities - Activities that support water education, outreach, and innovation efforts ● Agricultural Projects – Projects that provide technical assistance or improve agricultural efficiency; and ● Environmental & Recreation Projects – Projects that promote watershed health, environmental health, and recreation. * Applications may qualify for more than one category of funding. 


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