Landscape Conservation Catalyst Fund

Landscape Conservation Catalyst Fund

Funder Name:
Network For Landscape Conservation
Eligible Applicants:
Tribal Governments
Local governments and Utility Districts
Non-profits organizations
Relevant Project Area:
Capacity Building, Collaboration, & Planning
Funding Range:

We are looking for proposals that clearly identify: ➢ the partnership’s conservation vision and goals; ➢ grant period objectives for building the partnership and advancing its conservation goals; ➢ proposed activity(s) that will best achieve those objectives; and ➢ how the grant will significantly advance partnership goals and catalyze forward momentum. 

Applicants may apply for: 1) Funding to support a priority activity(s) to advance specific objectives The Fund will support a targeted project approach as long as the applicant demonstrates the priority value of the activity(s) in advancing the partnership’s conservation objectives and forward momentum. See sample “Conservation Objectives and Activities” in the Chart. Perhaps the partnership might undertake a conservation mapping and prioritization exercise, or a series of outreach activities to targeted stakeholders to increase partnership awareness and involvement. 2) Funding to support capacity building more broadly, including the collaborative process and multiple “steps to success” The Fund will support general partnership building and coordination function as long as the grant period objectives and activities are clearly articulated and the applicant demonstrates how these activities will advance the partnership’s conservation objectives and forward momentum. See the various “Partnership Building” priorities and activities listed in the Chart. For example, the partnership might advance a suite of activities that a coordinator or others will implement during the grant period to strengthen and advance the partnership. This might include partnership meetings, governance, outreach, and communications tasks. Growing a robust partnership that achieves its conservation objectives involves a concerted focus on multiple, interrelated areas over time.


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