Climate Adaptation Fund

Climate Adaptation Fund

Funder Name:
Wildlife Conservation Society
Eligible Applicants:
Non-profits organizations
Relevant Project Area:
Forest and Fire Prevention
Atmosphere & Climate Change
Environment, Natural Resource Management, and Human Health
Funding Range:

One to two-year projects that implement science-driven, on-the-ground actions that assist wildlife and ecosystems to adapt to climate change at a landscape scale.

Project proposals must:

  • Focus on the functionality of ecosystems, rather than conserving individual species.

  • Be designed for long-term conservation impact.

  • Create the potential for impact at a landscape scale.

  • Use strategic, targeted communications activities to amplify adaptation outcomes.

  • Be designed with climate adaptation for wildlife and ecosystems as a core goal or outcome of the work.

  • Propose conservation goals and actions that are grounded in the best available science.

  • Conduct on-the-ground implementation, not research, planning or tool development.

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