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  • Invest financially in RiversEdge West - your participation in river restoration directly supports the advancement of healthy rivers. 
  • Do you enjoy taking photos of rivers or of people recreating on/along rivers?   Inspire others to care about the rivers we all enjoy by joining our volunteer photography crew.  Email your photos to Cara at Ckukuraitis@riversedgewest.org.
  • Volunteer with us or one of our partner organizations who is conducting on-the-ground restoration.
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  • Learn about riparian restoration and promote the importance of restoring riparian systems – attend one of our workshops, webinars, or annual conferences to learn about how you can best be a steward of riparian lands.
  • Inspire others to care for and enjoy riparian lands and encourage them to take action, too! 

We need you!

Riparian (riverside vegetation) areas have important ecologic, economic, recreational, and quality of life values in the arid West where rivers are a cornerstone of our livelihood. These riparian areas are increasingly affected by stressors including invasive plant species such as tamarisk, a woody invasive plant that can cause degradation to riparian habitats.  Other stressors can include increasingly frequent and severe wildfires, droughts and water scarcity, and water quality concerns.
Our priority is on building riparian area resiliency to tamarisk and other invasive plant species, but in order to be effective, we must focus on riparian restoration as a whole. RiversEdge West’s challenge and opportunity is to raise awareness and provide resources that can help people restore and protect these areas to be healthy and self-sustaining riparian ecosystems. 
Get involved and take action to help restore our riparian areas and promote community stewardship that will help us protect these areas into the future!       
"As a land manager working for the State of Colorado, I rely extensively on the RiversEdge West to provide access to credible, current riparian restoration research and science. The Tamarisk Coalition conferences and research symposiums provide the most comprehensive venues in the West for researchers, scientists, and land managers to exchange ideas and learn from one another. Personally, the Tamarisk Coalition is an invaluable resource, providing me with opportunities to augment and improve upon my skills as a land manager."
-Shelly Simmons, former Tamarisk Coalition Board Member


RiversEdge West's

mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.