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Connected Lakes

The goal of the Connected Lakes Restoration project is to restore 48 acres of wetland, riparian, and upland habitat at Connected Lakes, which is owned and managed by Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW). In 2013, 24 acres of tamarisk and Russian olive were removed at the Connected Lakes Section of the James M. Robb Colorado River State Park; the remaining 24 acres were treated in 2016. Secondary weed treatments and revegetation on this acreage are ongoing. Revegetation is being accomplished through the planting of locally sourced cottonwood trees, shrubs, and grass and forb seeding. In addition to using local contractors, Bookcliff Middle School students and other volunteers have gained hands-on experience with a variety of revegetation techniques. Irrigation was added to the site in 2018 to support cottonwood pole plantings. 
Funding for this project was provided, in large part, by the Colorado Water Conservation Board through the Water Supply Reserve Account and the Invasive Phreatophyte Control Program. CPW also provided funding. Smaller-scale restoration efforts were completed in 2011 and from 1999-2001 at the site. This work is being executed according to the James M. Robb/Colorado River State Park Noxious Weed Management Plan.




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