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Monument Road Project

Colorado State University (CSU) Extension, Natural Resources Conservation Service, RiversEdge West, Mesa County, City of Grand Junction, Colorado West Land Trust, and other valuable partners collaborated to obtain grant funding from the Colorado River District that has helped our local community treat and manage invasive riparian species on approximately 10 acres of public and private lands. Brach's Storage provided funding to assist with this project as well. The aim of this project has been to restore riparian habitat along No Thoroughfare Wash, an intermittent wash with its headwaters in Colorado National Monument. 
In December 2014 two contractors worked to remove tamarisk and Russian olive trees located along the wash, parallel to Monument Road.  Most materials were mulched and broadcast on site; however, some materials, especially on the southern end, were cut and piled for wildlife habitat. 
The removal of invasives along No-Thoroughfare Wash has helped enhance the beauty of the landscape, increase the health of the riparian system, improve safety along the travel corridor, improve hydraulic efficiency of the wash, and provide research and volunteer opportunities for students and community members. 
The tamarisk removal along Monument Road facilitates Colorado West Land Trust’s restoration projects on the Three Sisters and other City-owned property adjacent to Lunch Loop parking area. Colorado West Land Trust has actively been working with local community groups, Colorado Mesa University faculty, and students, and other volunteers to restore native vegetation and wildlife habitat on these newly acquired lands.   
Secondary weed treatment and resprout treatments continue to occur, and the need for additional revegetation continues to be assessed. Many desirable grasses and shrubs have started to re-establish on the site.
For more information on this project, please contact RiversEdge West at 970-256-7400. If you are a landowner looking for more information on managing your property, please visit the CSU Extension Small Acreage Management website
Thanks to Colorado River District and Brach's Storage!



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