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Palisade Riverbend Park

In 2012, the Town of Palisade completed an ambitious project to repair and stabilize 1,000 linear feet of riverbank affected by flooding in 2011. In addition to impacting Riverbend Park, flooding nearly removed large portions of the Colorado Riverfront Trail, a popular amenity in the Grand Valley. Revegetation was the final stage of this multi-phase project which included the placement of a sedimentation barrier, bank contouring and riprap placement. For more information about this site, please contact Frank Watt, Public Works Director for the Town of Palisade, at 970-464-5602.
After preparation of the bank, 2,000 willows were planted along the typical high water mark during spring 2013.  Native grasses, forbs and shrubs were subsequently planted over 2-acres above the stabilized bank. Fremont cottonwood poles were also installed and wrapped in chicken wire to prevent consumption or damage by wildlife. The site is currently being monitoring to assess restoration success. Funding for much of the restoration of this site was provided by Colorado Water Conservation Board. 

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