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Pollinator Garden

The area where the pollinator garden now sits (directly behind the Western Colorado Botanic Gardens on the south side of the Riverfront Trail) was formerly infested with invasive weeds and used as a dumping ground. The community has been invested in the betterment of this site for the past 25+ years.  RiversEdge West is building on this investment to provide more assets to the area. 
Regenerating this previously weed-filled and unused area with native plants improves overall community and economic development, educates the community about the beauty and utility of our region's native plants, increases visitor experiences, while attracting pollinator species in the process.  The Pollinator Garden is home to over 50 native plant species totaling 1,300 plants; providing a sanctuary to pollinators and community members alike. 

Are you interested in what is planted at the garden? Check out this list to see the great variety of species at the site, all provided by Chelsea Nursery in Clifton, Colorado.
Across the nation, pollinator habitat has become imperiled due to habitat loss and fragmentation, diminishment of remaining habitat, pesticide poisoning, and the spread of diseases and parasites. While these factors can seem daunting and difficult to address on a nationwide scale, cities and towns throughout the United States have begun to take steps to improve pollinator habitat within their own communities.
The Pollinator Garden is one of RiversEdge West's and the City of Grand Junction’s initiatives to raise awareness about the importance and uniqueness of countless pollinator species.    
Unlike many of our restoration sites, this area is irrigated, thanks to a system that was installed by the City. While irrigation has kept these plants thriving in a hot desert environment, this additional water, along with frequent rains in 2014, allowed less undesirable plants, such as kochia, to proliferate. Thanks to our many volunteers, including employees from Xcel Energy, Cabelas, and Western Colorado Botanical Gardens, who have helped to keep the garden clear of weeds.



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mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.