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AloTerra Restoration Services - Streambank and Bed Stability Asessment Protocol

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This streambank and bed stability assessment protocol has been developed to rapidly assess factors contributing to channel stability and identify which areas along a stream reach have the greatest amount of active erosion or are at the greatest risk of future erosion. It also considers the stability and effectiveness of channel restoration structures as a post-restoration monitoring class. Each sub-reach (100-200 feet) is evaluated for bed and bank material properties, bank slope and vegetation coverage, as well as evidence of active bed and bank erosion. An aggregated score is calculated for each sub-reach allowing one to identify which sub-reaches pose the greatest concern to channel stability along the reach as well as identify what factors contribute to this. Finally, this protocol can be used for repeated assessments to monitor change over time and compare pre- and post-restoration results in a manner that allows for targeted maintenance treatments necessary to address project goals.  Please see the accompanying field sheet. 

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