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Field-Based Evaluations of Sampling Techniques to Support Long-Term Monitoring of Riparian Ecosystems along Wadeable Streams on the Colorado Plateau

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To better plan for and implement long-term ecological monitoring, the authors of this report measured riparian vegetation and fluvial geomorphic features at pilot study sites on four wadeable perennial stream reaches, representative of drainages across the Colorado Plateau. The primary objectives were to (1) collect field data, (2) evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of various ecological measures and measurement techniques for riparian ecosystems, and (3) use field-based sampling to inform and refine the development of standard operating procedures for use in implementing integrated, long-term monitoring of riparian ecosystems. Ultimately, this work was aimed at providing National Park Service (NPS) staff with some of the information and methods needed to design and implement long-term monitoring of NPS riparian resources, which is both relevant to management, and fully operational within institutional resource constraints. 

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