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Statewide Strategies to Improve Effectiveness in Protecting and Restoring Colorado's Wetland Resource

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The four primary objectives of this project were to: (1) compile existing geospatial data regarding the location and type of wetlands in Colorado; (2) initiate an on-the-ground pilot project to assess the ecological condition of common wetland types in one hydrologic basin (Rio Grande Headwaters, HUC 6: 130100); (3) develop statewide strategies for setting wetland restoration priorities funded by CPW’s Wetlands Program; and (4) develop an interactive online mapping tool to transfer this information to local and statewide partners in wetlands conservation. This report is broken into three sections. Section 1 is an overview of the project; Section 2 describes Objective 1, part of Objective 3, and Objective 4; and Section 3 details Objective 2. The actual strategic plan of the CPW Wetlands Program can be found in a companion document.

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