Weather, Climate, and Climate Change in Colorado   Russ Schumacher1   1Colorado Climate Center and Colorado State Climatologist, Fort Collins, CO, USA  
Tracing the Monitoring and Evaluation of Tamarix Control and its Outcomes in the American Southwest: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  

This white paper was written by the Western Collaborative Conservation Network's Public Policy Working Group: Jessica Western and Heather Johnson.

Lisa Markovchick and Zsuzsi Kovacs created this resource page to help land managers apply basic mycorrhizal science in context-specific programs to boost management outcomes. 

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  The Escalante River: Sustaining hard-won restoration in a warmer and drier future    
  Soil Analysis for Restoration on the Santa Clara River   Margot Mason1*, Adam Lambert2   1University of California, Santa Barbara, California, USA; 
  The One Riverfront Commission   Dave Bastian*, First Last N
    Developing a Land Suitability Analysis for Green Infrastructure Placement in Ambos Nogales
  Expanding our Knowledge on the Mitochondrial Genomes of the Tamarisk Leaf Beetles, Diorhabda spp.
Results of 17 years of monitoring at the Los Lunas Habitat Restoration Site, New Mexico   Rebecca Siegle1, David Moore1*, and Tori Barron1*
   Engaging the Whole Community in Restoration: Considerations for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Outdoor Stewardship   David Fulton-Beale1, Jackie Curry2   1Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, Longmont, Colorado, USA,  2Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, Longmont, Colorado, USA,