2020 tamarisk beetle distribution in southern Arizona and New Mexico

Using semiochemicals to manipulate populations of Diorhabda spp. for wildlife management

Riparian research and management: Past, present, future: Volume 1

Riparian research and management: Past, present, future: Volume 2

Adaptation of Diapause Induction Cue Enables Range Expansion of the Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Across Latitude; Eliza Clark

Impact of Tamarix Biocontrol on Understory Plant Community Traits; Annie Henry

Salinity-Herbivore-Plant Interactions: Effects of Plant Health, Beetle Defoliation, and Local Adaptation on Tamarix Growth; Randall Long

The Biology of Biocontrol: Enhancing the Biological Control of Tamarisk to Better Serve Riparian Restoration and Recovery; Dan Bean

Plant Recruitment Under Beetle-Defoliated Tamarisk in Grand County, Utah: 2009 to 2019; Tim Graham

Tamarisk Beetle Colonization of The Rio Grande in New Mexico: A Long-Term, Multi-Faceted Study Using Genetic Analysis and Field Surveys; Levi Jamison


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