Vegetation response to invasive Tamarix control in southwestern U.S. rivers: a collaborative study including 416 sites

Regeneration of Salicaceae riparian forests in the Northern Hemisphere: A new framework and management tool

Riparian research and management: Past, present, future: Volume 1

Channel Morphologic Changes Associated with Invasive Vegetation Removal; Celeste Wieting

Riparian Vegetation Response to High-Magnitude Dam Releases on the Dolores River, SW Colorado; Cynthia Dott and Julie Knudson

Assessment of Geomorphic Impacts of Vegetation Removal on the Colorado River in the Grand Valley, Colorado; Gigi Richard

A 184-Year Record of River Meander Migration from Tree Rings, Aerial Imagery, and Cross-Sections on The Powder River, Montana; Derek M. Schook

Floodplain Plant Community and Stream Channel Response More than Ten Years Following Tamarisk and Russian Olive Removal in Canyon De Chelly National Monument, Arizona; Lindsay Reynolds

Designing for Ecological Disturbance in River Restoration to Promote Native Species Regeneration: A Look at the River Bluffs Project on the Poudre River; Johannes Beeby

Biogeomorphic Feedbacks in the Southwestern USA: Exploring the Mechanisms of Geomorphic Change and the Effectiveness of Mitigation Measures; David Dean


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