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Riparian Restoration Planning

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New Findings on the Climate Sensitivity of the Water Balance of the Upper Colorado River Basin; Chris Milly

2019 DRRP Annual Report

Riparian research and management: Past, present, future: Volume 1

Riparian research and management: Past, present, future: Volume 2

Renewing Our Rivers: Stream Corridor Restoration in Dryland Regions

Stream Hydrology: An introduction for Ecologists

Stream Channel Reference Sites: An illustrated guide to field technique

The Biology of Biocontrol: Enhancing the Biological Control of Tamarisk to Better Serve Riparian Restoration and Recovery; Dan Bean

Why Do Some Restoration Projects Fail and Others Succeed? A Quantitative Look at 243 Sites for Environmental, Management, and Social Factors; Anna Sher

Bringing Birds Home


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mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.



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